I can recall the very first trip I took with my family. It was a simple road trip to Detroit for a family reunion, but I can remember the distinct feeling of excitement. The preparation was as if it was a sacred ritual. Shopping for last minute items, planning and packing your favorite outfits, creating a music playlist, then picking your seat in the car. The long road ahead never seemed long. I was always kept entertained by either the music on my iPod, the snacks my mother packed, or from watching my siblings fight over the last CapriSun. …

When it comes to the workplace, I’ve learned firsthand that there is no such thing as a one size fits all. In my case, I found out pretty early on that I wasn’t comfortable sitting at a desk all day, every day. I loved my work and career, but not so much the environment I had to drag myself to day in and day out. I knew I wanted to do something different. However, I had no clue where to start. I contemplated the idea of working from home, but I thought that I was too young. …

The most stress-free way to stay (somewhat) informed.

Check out these 10 satirical shows all about the latest in news and politics that bring some amusement to our reality today —all ready stream on Fire TV.

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

This Netflix show has been making headlines since its debut in October 2018. Everything from drug pricing, affirmative action, immigration enforcement, and more — nothing is too taboo or hard to tackle for Hasan and his team. Stream it on Netflix.

Saturday Night Live

Hilariously written and theatrically played, SNL does a great job of highlighting some of today’s most important topics. With an all-star cast in funny skits, like Kate McKinnon playing…

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction…

Who doesn’t love a great drama-filled story? Especially when there is some truth tacked on — that’s the recipe for an unforgettable biopic. Whether you’re fascinated with your favorite singer’s life story or the rise and fall of an infamous mob boss, these biopics are rolling in hot and ready to stream on Fire TV.


British singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse is nothing short of a powerhouse when it comes to her voice and songs. Detailing her fast rise to success and her tragic, unexpected death, this biopic is one you’ll never forget.

Where to watch: Netflix, Rent or Buy from…

A movie that goes far beyond the exterior of the “typical” corporate black American woman and peels back the layers to reveal a story of self-love and unapologetic confidence… Nappily Ever After takes it there. Comical yet very heavy in unfortunate truths, if you haven’t seen the Netflix adaptation of the novel of the same name by Trisha Thomas, it is a must-see.

What does happen when you toss “tradition” out the window and really start living for yourself?

Venus (played by Sanaa Lathan) is the golden girl of her corporate marketing office and seems to have it all. She…

Warm couch > cold feet.

Snuggle in and get the hot cider ready — you’ll want to tune in to these top 10 binge-worthy shows streaming on your Fire TV, because a warm couch is better than cold feet and a red nose.

This is Us

Who doesn’t love a complicated story of love and family? Rolling into its third season, tune in to see chronicles of the Pearson family across the decades.

Where to watch: NBC and Hulu


Starring popular celebrities like Niecy Nash and Karrueche Tran, this comedic drama tells the story of a nail salon owner and her 4 loyal nail tech friends…

“Alexa, what’s cooking?”

Nothing feels better than a holiday treat filled with powdered sugar, sprinkles, and yummy frosting to fill your taste buds with cheer. Thanksgiving isn’t just about turkey, after all! Whether you’re a pro at this or just beginning, coming up with new sweets to share with the office or the family can be a feat. Grab some baking inspiration from these 10 baking shows to get your holiday ideas flowing, all streaming now on your Fire TV!

Baking Mad

Explore the mouthwatering world of baking with patissier Eric Lanlard. In this show, he dishes on his favorite easy-to-follow recipes and holds daily…

Let the decorating begin!

As gatherings commence and far-flung family comes to visit, the thought of retreating to a warm, cozy home from the outside winter chill is at the top of everyone’s list. Need to switch things up with your home decor this holiday season? Check out these top interior design shows — perfect to inspire you and available to stream on Fire TV.

Stay Here

Tune into this new show all about upgrading spaces. In this series, real estate and interior design experts assist property owners looking to revamp their rentals on popular vacation rental platforms like Airbnb and HomeAway. These tips aren’t just…

Hut, hut, hike!

What better way to kick off the new football season than with a little bit of football inspiration? Check out these classic football movies available to stream on Fire TV that’ll get you hyped up and game-ready.

Any Given Sunday

Is Jamie Foxx in any bad movies? My guess is no. In this 1999 film, Foxx is the superstar football player that everyone loves to hate, but it’s hard to keep hating him when he’s so good at what he does. Featuring Al Pacino, Dennis Quaid, and Cameron Diaz, this is a must watch.

Where to watch: Cinemax, Hulu, Rent or Buy…

The scariest stories have a hint of truth.

We all love a good Halloween flick that gets our hearts racing, but what makes these films even more thrilling is that they were inspired by real-life events. From the supernatural to people’s darkest nightmares, brace yourselves for these all-too-true tales ready to stream on your Fire TV.

Psycho (1960)

Based on the novel of the real case of Ed Gein, the Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho is known to be one of the creepiest movies ever. Gein was a real-life serial killer and grave robber who killed at least two women in Wisconsin in the 1950s. He had an abusive mother…

Tia Muhammad

I do everything with a dash of laughter. My cure-all: Reality TV and a cozy blanket. See, life just got better…

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